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From Mary Lou

No Fear

In these times we can make the choice of being in fear and adding to that, or opening ourselves and our hearts to love and compassion. Though we may be asked to be behind our walls for our and others safety, we can still keep our hearts and minds open and available. These vibrations know no boundaries and are not held in by barriers. Physical distancing does have to be social distancing in this age of technology. Stay in touch, reach out, be of service where you are able. Share. Trust that “this too shall pass” just as everything else...

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Are You Addicted to Yourself?

We all have our familiar habits. Some good, some we could do without. Did you know that science has proven that we are actually addicted biologically to who we are - personality, health, all of it. As we experience life our brain is recording it all and making up “programs” which then run through our autonomic system. If we are not aware enough we end up running on auto pilot all the time. Making the same choices over and over, seeing things from the same perspective again and again. All because we think this is who we are. The truth...

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Mind Over Matter?

Where do you think your mind is? Is it your brain? No. Your mind is made up of your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs. Your brain is the biological computer system that runs your physical body. Without getting too scientific there are specifics about your brain that allow you to create thought, but you cannot look into the brain to find your thoughts, only to find their source. But is that really the source?  Studies show that the body plays a significant role in the creation of thought. The body through its life experiences is conditioned to create feelings, emotions felt in...

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Your Thoughts Are Your Future

From Abraham/Hicks:   "If you are experiencing a physical condition [or uncomfortable situation] that has your attention, you are, through your attention to your current condition, projecting it on into your future experience. But, by focusing on a different future experience, you are now activating that different future experience; and as you project that changed experience into your future, you leave your current experience behind."    These are very powerful words and worth giving much thought to.

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Let It Be

Opinions. We all have them. They are born from our beliefs, our experiences. I remember don Miguel Ruiz (author of “The Four Agreements”) telling us we all had too many opinions, that this kept us stuck in our own self importance, and our need to preserve our self image, keeping us from our Authenticity. Our egos are driven to protect these opinions - to attempt to be right and make others wrong if their opinions differs from ours. What if we just accepted our opinions as coming from our own personal perspective and allowed others to have their own perspectives? Don’t we...

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