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From Mary Lou

Change takes Change

This explains it so clearly:  “It is not possible to stand still, or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore, life, is always in motion. Things are always changing. But the reason it may feel to you as if you are stuck is because while you are continuing to think the same thoughts, things are changing - but they are changing into the same thing, over and over. If you want things to change to different things, you must think different thoughts. And that simply requires finding unfamiliar ways of approaching familiar subjects.”  Abraham/Hicks

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Life’s Navigator

 How you are feeling is a direct indicator of whether you are aligned with your desires or not. This wonderful system is in place to allow you to know at any given moment where you stand on your path of Life. Pay attention to this valuable gift and use it to self-correct your emotions. Take a “time out” if necessary to allow yourself to realign with the flow of Well Being that is always at your disposal. This flow is eternal. The only thing keeping it from flowing with grace and ease with you, through you, is your own resistance....

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The Power of Contentment

 Our natural state is one of well-being. This gets out of balance when the flow is interrupted. Any type of resistance, conscious or unconscious, interrupts this flow. Our beliefs, perspectives, habits, interactions with our environment (internal and external) all determine whether we experience resistance. Any attachment to any outcome on our part causes this resistance. Allowing things to be, take their natural course, allows flow. Even the act of trying to let go causes resistance because we are putting our attention on what we do not want, rather than allowing what is and then putting our attention on what we prefer. Having...

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Is Your Awakened Thinking Causing You Resistance?

Awareness, awakened thinking, is when you are aware of your thoughts. You can watch your thoughts, as an observer. You might say you are separated from your thoughts. You are not just being carried away in your thinking without listening to yourself. With this awakened thinking there comes choice. Choice of what you allow yourself to think. Choice of you controlling your mind, rather than your mind controlling you. With this can come resistance. When we catch ourselves thinking thoughts we prefer not to, we can become resistant to those thoughts. Put up a type of blockage. Catching thoughts that...

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  Have you thought much about what your preferences are? We all have them. In many ways they shape our experiences. How we view our preferences, the importance we put on them, determines our perspective, our feelings, our interactions. So how we choose to deal with them has importance. Not to say we necessarily need to change some of them, yet how we perceive their importance in our overall experience of life may be something to look at. Preferences set our intentions, which is how we set in motion the Law of Attraction. It is when we allow our preferences...

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