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The Human Energy Field

Our human energy field is interacting and influencing the quantum field (source) around us at all times. Our beliefs and intentions are infused into this energy field. Our field is defined by our thoughts and emotions. Therefore, our thoughts and emotions are what is influencing this interacting, and determining what we create from the quantum field.

William Brown explained in The Resonance Project that reality is flashing in and out of existence 1044 times per second. With this in mind, we are flashing in and out of form. During the space of time we are out of form we are free to tell the quantum field what to place in our form.  To make the whole thing brief, it is during this time we are creating. We are either creating more of the same, meaning we are not changing anything in our thoughts, beliefs or intentions of our conscious self. Or we can be creating something different, meaning we are changing our thoughts, beliefs and intentions in our consciousness.

Something to think about. Really think about. What are you doing while you are out of form?

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