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"Who Are You?"

Remember the words of the song by the Who,"Who are you? Who, who, who, who?"? That song was playing in my head this morning as I walked my dog. I usually use this time to go into a type of walking meditation, while still being alert, to affirm Myself and ask for guidance. I do my I AM affirmations.

Who are you? You have a name, are son or a daughter, and perhaps a brother or sister, a mom or dad, a spouse. You probably have a title in your career. You are a friend to some, a neighbor to some. You have many titles and roles you play in your life. But that is all they are - titles and roles. That is not You.

So who are you? who? who? who? who? Many of you already acknowledge you are something much more than the physical human you are experiencing at this time. Yet how often during the day do you loose sight of that and get swept up into playing the roles in your life? It happens to us all the time and seems essential for interacting with our world. 

You can be who you are in this world and still stay in touch with who you really are: A Divine Being having a human experience. So next time you are feeling over whelm, sadness, or low for any reason, ask yourself, "Who am I really? Who? Who? Who? Who?" Then listen with your heart for the answer. It just takes intention, attention, and practice. And when you can be your Divine human, your experience of the whole world will change



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