Carrying you above this world
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Changes in Perspective

For those of us on our spiritual path of ascension it may seem we are working at getting somewhere, that we need to find something that is missing, that we must reach something "higher". What would be of benefit to realize is that we did not start in 3D and now must work our way up to higher dimensions. We descended voluntarily to 3D and are in the process of reascending. We do not need to get to something we are not now, we can just drop the illusions of this 3D experience and allow who and what we already are to come to our conscious awareness. We do not need to be something we are not yet, we need to see beyond the confines of our 3D human experience to what we already are.

Remember, though sometimes it seems inconceivable we asked for this, (come on now, smile!) we did, and we are adding so much to the whole as we bravely venture forward on our personal journeys. Every step "up" you take adds to all of humanity and indeed, the entire universal experience. Applaud yourself for where you are and where you are yet to be. You are already Source heading home. Yet you also came to earth to bring Source to earth, which you are doing whether it feels like it at times or not.

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