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Giving What You are Seeking

It is easy to forget (or perhaps you were not yet aware) that the easiest and quickest way to receive what you are seeking is in helping others to get it. That is the blessing I have been receiving in my life. As I assist others to build better lives, my life continues to improve. 

As you find community and support for your endeavors not only do you move towards what you want, you are assisting others to do the same. Just as using a map or GPS gets you where you want to go, finding a mentor, a guide, will always get you to your destination sooner than floundering around trying one route and then another hoping to get where you want to be. And as you learn the proper routes to take, you can share that with others. 

Stop trying so hard. Allow yourself to receive assistance and in turn assist others to do the same. You will be amazed how your world opens up!



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