Carrying you above this world
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There has much been said about gratitude. It is the root of being positive. Sometimes it may be difficult to feel gratitude just because of the definition of it in your own mind. Recently I have come across the word "appreciation" in my readings and study. It feels easier to me at times to just appreciate my world than to place gratitude on it. Again, it is because of how my mind interprets and processes the word gratitude.

Either way, we are seeking to feel good, or at least better. In doing so we attract more that feels good, or better. And in doing so we attract more of the same. And on it goes. That is the Law of Attraction. Wherever your thoughts are, you are attracting more of the same.

So perhaps just appreciating what does feels good, looks good, tastes good, and so on, (for one can always find something if we truly look) will keep you on track of attracting more to appreciate and be grateful for.

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