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Are You Addicted to Yourself?

We all have our familiar habits. Some good, some we could do without. Did you know that science has proven that we are actually addicted biologically to who we are - personality, health, all of it. As we experience life our brain is recording it all and making up “programs” which then run through our autonomic system. If we are not aware enough we end up running on auto pilot all the time. Making the same choices over and over, seeing things from the same perspective again and again. All because we think this is who we are. The truth is we are recreating ourselves daily. Yet there is potential to change this to create the version of ourselves we really wish to be. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton (to name just a few) have all conducted scientific research into the amazing abilities we all have to be, do and have whatever we can dream of. I could go into it here (you can read some of my past writings), but better yet research this for yourselves. I highly recommend you look into their works, and that of others, who are revealing the capacity of our human species to truly become our highest dreamed potential

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