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Bringing Gratitude in Close

Our monthly group has been reading the book by Pam Grout, "Thank and Grow Rich".
It isn't so much about becoming rich in the sense of money as it is about becoming rich in all areas of our life by seeing all there is to be grateful for and changing our perspective to "see" where life is blessing us all the time, sometimes in the smallest of ways, that we miss because we are so busy looking at the "big picture" and trying to manipulate it to fit our way of thinking and wishing things to be. Wow! A long sentence!
If we start to come closer with our attention and notice things that we usually take for granted, or miss all together, our awareness expands to another level. When we live in gratitude for everything little (and big) thing in our lives (what we see as good AND bad), we grow rich. This is the richness that calls forth into our experience happiness, joy, delight. And these in turn bring forth your desires, whether it be prosperity, loving relationships, a great job, you name it.

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