Carrying you above this world
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We are making choices all the time - conscious choices and unconscious choices. It is only with awaken awareness that we can become conscious creators of our entire experience.

First, do you realize you are making a choice even when you think you have decided not to choose one or the other? For this is also a choice. A choice not to decide. Taking responsibility for this type of choice gives us back some of our power. Anytime we acknowledge a choice consciously, we are using our power of creation consciously. When we allow habits, unobserved beliefs, allow ourselves to “go unconscious”, we leaving our creation up to these patterns in our lives. If we can observe through our awakened awareness all of our choices, we are in the driver’s seat. That is not to say we are to judge ourselves when we catch choices that do not serve our good. It is just to become more and more aware of these choices so we can decide on a different choice that serves us better next time. With practice we can actually start to reprogram our automatic responses into those which serve us, rather than ones that many times sabotage us.

Listen to your thoughts, become aware of all the choices you are making moment to moment.

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