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Do You Know Too Much?

We are built to learn. It is part of the human process of growing up, and expanding our knowledge of this world we are a part of. It is necessary to perform our daily tasks and interact with our world. It stimulates our mind and keeps us actively involved with life.

In our spiritual lives, beyond that world of knowledge, there is a place where it comes time to step back from having to accumulate knowledge, to know the how and why of most things, and practice the spiritual aspects of what we have learned thus far. Our mind is programmed to think, to question, to need to know. So it can be challenging to put that aside from time to time to just let things Be. To find a place of Trust and allow the unfolding of Life from deep within ourselves. To allow our own wisdom to be heard. It can feel scary, unfamiliar, yet it is what the deepest part of ourselves yearns for.

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