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Emotion Objectivity


 Handling our EGO when in a stressed situation may be the key to handling situations in a manner that doesn’t explode over all involved, and sometimes people or events that aren’t even involved. Anytime we find ourselves in an stressed emotional state you can bet it is the ego aspect of our personality that is wanting to take center stage, It is its job to protect us (that is what it has been trained to do all our lives), so whether your ego reaction be for the better or not, it jumps in.

Strong emotions distort our perception. We all have our personal triggers along with the stories to back them up. The trick is to stop and wait. Go ahead and listen to the story, but don’t react yet. The “count to ten” method....though ten may not be enough. Maybe a day or more? The point is to wait out the intense emotions. Do whatever it takes to just wait. Let the story play out in your mind, all the while choosing not to believe it. Yes, you can choose to not believe it anymore. That is reclaiming your power to respond to each new event in life as just that, a NEW event in your life and not to react with the same old stories of the past.

Allow emotional objectivity to assist you in finding the appropriate response to stresses in your life. Step back, be objective, wait, then choose a response from within that serves the best.

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