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Feeling Better

There are no desires that we have for any reason other than we believe we will feel better with the receiving of them. That is what desire is about; achieving something we think will make us feel better in some way. Whether it is a state of being, a material object, a relationship, a condition of health, a job, any circumstance - at the heart of the desire is the wanting to feel good. With this in mind, let us see that standard of success in our life is not the things or the money, it is the amount of joy and fulfillment we feel. The amount of feeling better we accomplish.

And that is not to be found outside of ourselves. Though do remember that the better you feel, the better those around you will respond, and in like feel better, and those around them will feel better and so on and so on. So go out there and have all the desires your heart can hold with the knowing that those desires will come to an open, joyful heart. That is the Law of Attraction. It is Law.

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