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How Do You View Your Life....Really?

As I sat down to write something today I was carried off in a different direction. I thought it was a bit off seeing as most themes are about the coming year and setting goals. Yet as I inquired as to this being the time, I was led to carry on. So carry on I will.
The question was, "how often while you were young did you hear, observe or in some other way receive the message "life is hard" ?"
As I pondered this I was led to memories showing this to me. This is not news to me, as my self exploration has uncovered similar messages from my upbringing. But what did strike me this time is that perhaps this is still playing in my subconscious in areas where life isn't so hard for me and it is keeping life from being even better than it is. Am I blocking good things from being even better with abundance because it is hard to make money and you have to work hard even though I have enough money? Am I blocking even better health and stamina because it is hard to be healthy and fit? I'm not sure if you are tracking this, but it turned on a light bulb for me that I am going to continue to explore. Life is good, yet it could be grand. Do I still believe life is hard way down in there somewhere? Perhaps now is my time to bring it out to the light and let it go!
As I look around me I see many believing and living "life is hard". I choose not to live there, consciously and subconsciously. Join me?

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