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Is Your Awakened Thinking Causing You Resistance?

Awareness, awakened thinking, is when you are aware of your thoughts. You can watch your thoughts, as an observer. You might say you are separated from your thoughts. You are not just being carried away in your thinking without listening to yourself.

With this awakened thinking there comes choice. Choice of what you allow yourself to think. Choice of you controlling your mind, rather than your mind controlling you. With this can come resistance. When we catch ourselves thinking thoughts we prefer not to, we can become resistant to those thoughts. Put up a type of blockage. Catching thoughts that do not serve our higher good is great! How we handle this can put us in flow or resistance. Allowing all thoughts to be with awareness, and allowing them all to flow without resistance, opens us to be in a place where we can just let go of that which needs to go, and allow that which needs to expand. We are in flow.

An equal/even experience of all thoughts and all things in our experience is Peace.

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