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Let It Be

Opinions. We all have them. They are born from our beliefs, our experiences. remember don Miguel Ruiz (author of “The Four Agreements”) telling us we all had too many opinions, that this kept us stuck in our own self importance, and our need to preserve our self image, keeping us from our Authenticity.

Our egos are driven to protect these opinions - to attempt to be right and make others wrong if their opinions differs from ours. What if we just accepted our opinions as coming from our own personal perspective and allowed others to have their own perspectives? Don’t we expect them to honor ours, or even bend to ours? What is it that makes us try to be right and make others wrong? Back to the ego.

Now there are definitely good aspects of our ego so we don’t wish to think of it as bad and always trying to mess things up. But for this conversation we want to become aware of how it makes us judgmental, uncompromising, and tries to take away the free will and right of others to have their own perspectives based on who they are and how they choose to live.

So go ahead and have your opinions, and live your life as you choose. Yet let’s not make others wrong because they may not agree. Or we could try to do as Miguel says and not have so many opinions, allow things to just be and unfold based on Trust that when allowed the Universe (the Divine Nature of things) will always produce the essence and outcome of Love and the highest good for All.

Of course, this too is just an opinion! HA!

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