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Mind Over Matter?

Where do you think your mind is? Is it your brain? No. Your mind is made up of your thoughts, perceptions, beliefs. Your brain is the biological computer system that runs your physical body. Without getting too scientific there are specifics about your brain that allow you to create thought, but you cannot look into the brain to find your thoughts, only to find their source. But is that really the source?

 Studies show that the body plays a significant role in the creation of thought. The body through its life experiences is conditioned to create feelings, emotions felt in the body. These experiences are “implanted” into the neurological aspects of the brain. The more the experience is repeated, the more the impact. Thus creating our habits, patterns, perceptions, beliefs. The chemistry released into our body by stimulus in the brain creates our emotions. If an emotion is repeated enough, or strong enough in our experiences in life, the body becomes addicted to those chemical. No matter whether good or bad for us, this is an impartial system. 

You have a thought, the brain releases chemicals. These chemicals signal your body to feel the way you were just thinking. These feelings generate more thoughts equal the your feelings, which then creates more chemicals from the brain to make you feel the way you are thinking. You get stuck in this loop. Your thinking creates your feelings and your feelings create your thinking. If you are not conscious of this you are on autopilot. You keep running the programming implanted in the brain. And the body receives the chemicals it craves due to prior experience. 

So where is your mind? Could it be that over time the body becomes the mind? You become so addicted to the unconscious chemical reactions going on in your body (brought forth by your beliefs, habits, etc) that you are hardwired into repeating your life experiences over and over. “Your future is just a rerun of your past. “That’s because your yesterday is creating your tomorrow.” (Dr. Joe Dispenza, “Becoming Supernatural”)

You are addicted to your life as it is. That is why it is difficult to make changes. Understanding this is a great step in regaining your personal power and living life on your terms.

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