Carrying you above this world
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I would like to discuss what we might call our motives, or our agendas, the real reasons behind what we think, do, desire. It is our general intention (for most of us) to feel good, be happy and healthy. Good intentions. We try to do what we can to fulfill these intentions. Have you looked deeper into why you want these? Really deep into the conscious and unconscious programming that is our motivation to the seeking in the first place?

I am not suggesting that we start judging ourselves and our motives. Just take a look. It can get confusing with all the information out there about how to achieve spiritual “enlightenment”. Take care of yourself first in order to be better for others.

See the good in all things. Trust that all is how it meant to be. Be for others what you want for yourself. The list goes on. All of it good stuff.

Now think about coming from a place of the evolution, ascension, future, of humanity as a whole while we are doing our best to be our best. What I mean is while we are doing our “stuff”, be in a place of seeing all of humanity evolving with us. Let our motives expand to include all - for what we do does effect the whole. And as we can make that our motive consciously, we are moving our motives from being about us, to being about the evolution of humanity to a place of love, peace, and equality for All.

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