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Pints of Attraction

From Abraham/Hicks:
"Through personal force, or gathering in groups to gain the feeling of more power, many people seek to preserve their own Well-Being by attempting to take control of any circumstances that they believe could threaten it. But in this attraction based universe where there is no such thing as exclusion, the harder they push against unwanted things, the more they achieve vibrational alignment with the unwanted things - and, in doing so, the more they invite unwanted thigns into their own experience.....The more you defend you own beliefs, the more the Law of Attraction helps you live them out."
We can see examples of it all over the globe. Where is your attention? Both personal and your groups. It is sometimes easy to fall into this trap, especially with groups, as the energy of the many can pull you into it. Stay aware of your points of attraction for they are your creation. Allow Love to be your focal point.

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