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Have you thought much about what your preferences are? We all have them. In many ways they shape our experiences. How we view our preferences, the importance we put on them, determines our perspective, our feelings, our interactions. So how we choose to deal with them has importance. Not to say we necessarily need to change some of them, yet how we perceive their importance in our overall experience of life may be something to look at.

Preferences set our intentions, which is how we set in motion the Law of Attraction. It is when we allow our preferences to put up resistance within ourselves that things are then more likely to attract more of what we would prefer not to experience. Allowing whatever IS right now just to be, without resistance, and setting your thoughts on what you would prefer, without judgment of what IS, will move you out of resistance and back into flow.

Your body will tell you when you are resisting, so pay attention. With awareness you can have your preferences without allowing them to sabotage you through resistance.

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