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Are you putting off doing something about your procrastination?

I want you to take a few minutes right now (don’t put it off!) to think about and write down what you have been procrastinating about. Not just recently, but perhaps things you have been putting off for some time now.
What is this keeping you from? Is it protecting you from something? What are those fears?
These are important questions to answer. Life is about change and moving. Not standing still. Look at nature. Does it stand still? Does it wait for the perfect timing? It deals with what is going on now and takes it from there. It is always accepting of what comes next without worry of what that might be.
It is only our “ego”, or whatever name you have for your habit driven personality, that wants things to stay where your are comfortable. Sometimes this is unconscious on your part, other times you are well aware of the decisions you make that keep you in states of procrastination.
Are you waiting for things in your home or work to be in order before you start some project? Are you waiting to feel better before you start exercising? Are you waiting for more time to take up or continue your favorite hobby? What are you waiting for? Take your list and do something about these things. And start doing it NOW! If fear comes up, take the easiest one first and gain your confidence from that. If it just because you are lazy, get off your hind end and do something, anything to get your life moving again.
Your life depends on it. Your happiness depends on it. Your soul is waiting.

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