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Self care or Selfish?

This is a topic that holds up to repetition because it is so often lost in this busy world where many are so often pulled in so many directions at once.
Self care. Some still think of it as being selfish to put energy into their needs when there is so much outside of them calling for their attention. This has been pounded into our belief system since we were born, at least in our society it seems predominant.
Yet again is needs to be stressed that when you are whole you have so much more to give. The more you take care of yourself - body, mind and spirit - the more aligned you are with Source Energy, the essence of who and what you truly are. The more alignment you experience, the more personal power you have at your disposal and therefore the more you have to offer out to your world.
Take time each day to do something to enhance your experience. Something just for you. Something that makes you feel better, stronger, happier. You will find in doing so you are actually doing it for all the others in your life as well. For the better you feel, the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the better you will continue to feel. The better you feel, the better you will express yourself to your outside world. It is win-win for all.

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