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Take Notice

The other day I was walking down the road in the woods with my dog. A path I have used many times over the past 15 plus years. I was noticing all the trees in the different shades of green, looking over the edge of the embankment and seeing the creek running below, and realizing that the many time I’ve walked this road I spend most of my time looking at the road and a narrow field of vision ahead of me. Watching where I was going. Always needing to know where I was going and what lies ahead - where I was stepping. In deed, a narrow field of vision.
It was wonderful to look up and really see the beauty around me, to feel it. I had noticed it before, but not taken it into my Being as I experienced that day. And the feeling of freedom from not always watching the road ahead was a great wake-up reminder about Life in general. Look up, around, take it all in. There is so much we miss when we take the same path without noticing what is really all around us to witness.
I had been taking some photographs and wanted to look at them as I headed toward home. But realized that while I am out here in the woods, I need to be out here in the woods. That there is a time for looking at the pictures later. A time and place for everything. Stay in the beauty of the moment. Don’t get in a hurry for the next thing to do.

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