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The Light Within

I received this message the other day, being asked to share it with all who are willing to receive. Sending it on with my love.

How often do you tend to look outside of yourself for what you are seeking? For that feeling that it is all okay. That you are okay. For that feeling of contentment, happiness with yourself: your health, your relationships, your career, your finances, the world around you, your life.
Somewhere along the way you may have received the message that what you need in life comes from outside of yourself. That circumstances around you can be manipulated to produce the results you want. Or at least they should be. And then when they are not, you resist and blame yourself, others, the circumstances themselves.
Some of you think if you can just exert enough control, things will go your way. Others feel that you have no control, so let things just “happen” without any thought or intention. Is there a balance to be found between these?
Either of these causes stress on some level, whether conscious or unconscious. This stress manifests itself in many different ways. The bottom line is you are not living the life you would dream of, or at least would like to dream of if you dared.
It isn’t anyone’s fault. There is no blame. It is just the way most of you were taught. Things get fixed by adjusting things outside of yourself. Look around. That is the way you perceive the world out there. So many trying to fix things.
What if you could truly see the “Light”? This Light is the essence of Life. And it is not just out there somewhere. It is who you are. You are Light. You are Source. When you receive, you are receiving what you are. When you send, you are not bringing in something from outside and sending it. You are sending the essence of who, what, you are. When you want to heal a part of your life, you need not look out there somewhere. What you are seeking is inside of each of you. Look there and pull that forward. You are the source of all you seek. It all truly comes from within.
It may seem difficult at times to acknowledge this and own it. Yet it is always here waiting for you. Next time you look to the Light, look for it within yourself. The universes exist with you. It is all One.
Start one step at a time, each time, and let this knowing take hold and grow within you - each time, every time. If this seems new or sometimes challenging, there are many among you who will assist you.
And as this grows within you, this too will spread to others whose lives you touch. For, within each of you, you are messengers of this Light - Angels on earth here to shine this truth from inside yourselves out into the world.
Look within, dear ones, look within. It is all right there.

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