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The Power In Sound

Have you ever noticed how the sounds around you affect you? Like the rustling of wind in the trees can be soothing, or raindrops on the roof, or how a favorite old song brings back memories of good times. Or loud, static noises make you tense, or perhaps certain types of music are irritating while others are uplifting or soothing.
Sound plays an often unnoticed part in our life. We can start by paying attention to sounds, how they affect us, and how to use them for our benefit to enhance every aspect of our lives. Start now to take more mental notice of your sound environment, how it changes throughout your day, and how it is affecting you. From there you can purposely arrange the sounds in your life for your benefit. This can only happen though if you become aware and, with this awareness, use it to relax, uplift, inspire and heal you.
Jonathan Goldman’s website is a great place to start for more information about using sound to benefit your life.

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