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The Power of Contentment

 Our natural state is one of well-being. This gets out of balance when the flow is interrupted. Any type of resistance, conscious or unconscious, interrupts this flow. Our beliefs, perspectives, habits, interactions with our environment (internal and external) all determine whether we experience resistance. Any attachment to any outcome on our part causes this resistance. Allowing things to be, take their natural course, allows flow. Even the act of trying to let go causes resistance because we are putting our attention on what we do not want, rather than allowing what is and then putting our attention on what we prefer.

Having no preference for what IS releases resistance. This does not mean you do not have intentions for what we would prefer, for this is how we consciously create. It just means that we do not resist. With the release of the resistance comes flow. Flow allows things to take their natural course of “moving on”. Opening your space for change.

Remembering Wayne Dyer’s “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”, we change our perspective and thus allow ourselves to experience things differently. Being at peace with what IS gives us contentment. Contentment opens flow - flow of more of what feels good to us. Because contentment feels good. The Law of Attraction at work.

Gratitude, appreciation and acceptance act like magnets attracting more of what feels good - contentment.

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