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The Sameness in our Differences

Today I hosted my Holiday Luncheon for our group of ladies in the neighborhood. It was a lot of work getting it all set up, cooking my special soup (it is a potluck so I only had to prepare one thing!), and then cleaning it all up afterwards. I love the Holidays, so our home is decorated perhaps to the extreme. Everyone had a great time.
Even though many of us don't have a whole lot in common - some are 60+, some still have children at home, our interests vary in many ways - there is a common thread that runs through us.
We really care about each other.
I know that in many cases people don't even know their neighbors. They live on a street or in an apartment building/condo for years, and though they are friendly with "hellos" they don't associate with each other. I feel truly blessed that our group has reached out to each other, introduced our friends to each other, continued to grow, and have kept this spirit of fellowship thriving.
It all started about 7 years ago when I was invited to lunch at one of my neighbors for a Pampered Chef luncheon. We had such fun it was suggested we meet monthly for lunch. Some of us did the next month, a small group. Then I met this delightful lady, Betsy, at a social function for couples in our community and invited her to join us. She in turn invited a couple of her friends. Then those friends invited their friends and so it went from there. Now I have met all these wonderful ladies, most of whom I have little in common with, yet so enjoy our times together. Today, again, as I listened to the various conversations going on, I saw the differences, but what I really noticed was the sincere caring, friendships and fun. All so different yet so alike! We humans are all so different yet so alike. We all want Love.
I saw Love Win again today! Spread it around!

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