Carrying you above this world
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Thought Matches Creation

It is universal law. It is scientific law. Like attracts like. That of similar vibration is drawn together. Quantum physics shows your attention brings forth what you experience. Mystics have know this for centuries. And yet we still manage to forget this most important aspect of our lives and what we experience. It is sometimes difficult to accept that what we live as our lives is of our own creation. It is easier to place it on our outside environment, what comes our way in life. And again, it is ourselves who are drawing these very things to us. No, we cannot have complete control of what is outside of ourselves, but we can control our perspectives, our feelings, and thus control our vibrational offering.
It is our belief system that determines our perspective on life and thus is determining the vibrational offering we put forth. It is our beliefs that determine our thoughts. This is not new news to most of us! Yet we still fall short in creating the world for ourselves that we desire. Our subconscious programming is still controlling our thoughts when we are not paying attention. So make it your commitment to pay attention to your thoughts, how you are feeling, for that is what is determining your point of attraction. Always reach for thoughts that feel better, even just a bit better. Pay attention! In doing so you will offer a higher vibration and thus attract that which matches your higher vibration. And then something better, and something better. Take the time to find that place of peace and harmony, of contentment everyday. That is how you create a better space for yourself and that overflows onto those around you.

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