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Using Light Energy

This is in response to a discussion on face book regarding how we use our energy to light up our world.

 Well, I am going to be very literal with my response seeing as it is the Holidays. I love Christmas and I love to decorate. It is an expression of love of Life for me, not just holiday decorations. I have lots of lights decorating the outside of my home. To me it is an expression of joy and wonder. The lights flicker and dance and bring smiles to faces. Each time I see them my heart is filled with delight. It is not about the decorations themselves. It is about the happiness and fun they bring about. It is the child within being excited and the adult feeling those child-like sensations again. Somewhere deep inside it resonates the memory of Light - Light of the infinate, Source, my origin, dreams of dreams, the cosmos. Oh! I love this opportunity to express my light in such an "everyone can see the light" way. HA!

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