Carrying you above this world
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It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as your spiritual practice. The time you set aside to be in touch with that part of you that is non-physical (your soul, spirit, the name matters not). What does matter is that you do it daily. It can get hectic at times and is easy to put this part of our day aside for other things that pop up. Excuses can come easily.

If it means getting up a bit earlier. taking a time out at lunch, or putting aside time before you retire for the night, this commitment is one of the most important ones you can make. Not just to yourself, but to all those in your life, and humanity as a whole.

Everything we do, and don’t do, affects the “whole”. We live in a vibrational universe. That is Law. Do it for yourself, for the ones you love, for the future of humanity and this planet. Whatever, just do it.

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