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You Are Creating Your Experience

Let’s talk about why and how you are creating and re-creating your life experiences.
When you are experiencing a physical condition, or a certain situation, through your attention to this current condition, situation, you are projecting your energy into it and into your future experience as well. The mere attention you are putting into how things are now pushes more of the same out into your future. Now, if you are having good times, that is wonderful. You must continue to focus on what feels good. Your future will then continue to bring more of what feels good.
But if that is not the case. If you wish thing to change from where you are now, then you must take your attention to where you would prefer to be. Not saying that you completely ignore whatever is going on. Take care of business as necessary, and then put your attention back onto creating what you would prefer. Dream into your future as you want it to be. Do as much now as possible as if it were already your reality. Small actions, steps, moments in the positive thoughts towards what you want, all adds up. To the universe (God), from where all creation comes, there is no small measure. It is like at the end of the day which ever has the most momentum is what carries over to the next. So more moments here and there focused on what you do want, and less on what is now or in your future that you don’t want, the better.
By putting your main focus on a different future experience you project that changed experience into your future, and can leave your current experience behind.
Remember, energy flows where your attention goes. It is scientifically proven physical and universal law.

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