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I was only 19 years old when I realized I did not fit into the mold handed to me in childhood.. I felt uncomfortable and knew something just wasn’t right, yet I didn’t know what it was. This vague sense of imbalance followed me in college as I struggled to know what I wanted to do with my life. This led me into the world of healthcare to find the answers. 

After another 20 years of NOT finding the answers or balance in western medicine, I switched to the fitness industry because I realized illness was directly related to lifestyle.

While I was working for a fitness facility I moved into wellness coaching when I realized there was more to health then just a healthy body - the mind needed a healthy regime also.

By now my soul was stirring and I could hear it talking ever so softly. I began my spiritual seeking through books and meditation groups, sharing my new awareness with clients.

For awhile this felt fulfilling and I thought I was happy. But something was still missing. I felt there had to be more to my life than this.

I was giving my employers my time and energy, with mediocre gratitude. My clients appreciated me, yet my bosses could not see the depth of my work. I felt frustrated, undervalued and unfulfilled.

Where was the pizzazz? I wanted to feel thrilled with my life. Not just comfortable and getting by. So I refocused my time and life on my own spiritual journey in search of the answers.

My first real “Wow!” experience was during a Reiki treatment when I felt this amazing energy flowing throughout my body and felt like I was lifting off the floor. My animal guides introduced themselves, circled around me, protecting me, assisting me. It was amazing! Thrilling! I wanted more!

My next leap came during my first spiritual retreat when I experienced amazing energetic shifts and witnessed angelic beings. Wow! Once again, it changed everything. I came home, quit my job, sold our house and moved. Not only did I change where I lived, I changed how I lived.

I started my own healing business as a Reiki Master/Teacher and spiritual mentor which then expanded into Life Coaching.

BOOM! My fears, self-sabotage, and subconscious resistance formed a huge wall between me and my goals and dreams. I felt angry, deflated, confused, frustrated, and doubted my purpose and worthiness.
I felt hurt and let down. But by whom? Me? “God”? The world?

My subconscious need for perfection and self-reliance drove me to try to fix my business myself. For years I struggled . I spent thousands of dollars buying prepackaged business training. And after spending years applying the training with marginal results, I felt even more frustrated and defeated.

Then it struck me. Here I was trying to sell the value of coaching, but I never invested in my own personal coach to address what I personally needed to do to fulfill my purpose and my dreams.

FINALLY- The Key to My Success

++ I invested in a coach who gave me 1-on-1 support. And this gave me access to a community of like minded individuals.

It was a big financial investment for me to make. And it was the best one I ever made. I forgave myself for not doing it sooner and wasting years floundering around on my own. The time had come to walk my talk.

This is what I learned from my coach that I now pass on to my clients:

1. Even coaches need coaches. Self-love and self-care are essential to serving others effectively. When you take care of yourself and get the support you need, you have much more to give to others.

2. You have to change your beliefs and perceptions in order to change your experience. You must make new choices and take new actions to break out of your comfort zone and get new results and success.

3. Discipline, dedication and desire are not enough. It takes on-going support and a well thought out action plan, designed just for you.

4. Hiring a mentor is well worth the investment in time, energy and money. Once I had my customized plan and consistent feedback and support, my life started producing miracles.

I now live a fulfilled, inspired life. I feel good! Really good. I am grateful everyday. I love where I live. I love what I do. I love being able to walk in nature right outside my door or sit quietly and day dream. I love sharing this life with my husband and our precious dog, who is constantly reminding us to live and love in the moment. I love living my purpose. I use my journey and experiences to assist others ready to allow themselves to thrive; to love, live their purpose, live in happiness and fulfillment.

Over the past several years I have developed a streamlined path to personal transformation. I know what works and what doesn’t. I cut right to the core to help my clients identify and move beyond feeling small, ineffective and unfulfilled to embodying their true self and living their dreams. I have taken my years of trial and error and put together a system for success. A system to carry you up and beyond your world of today.

Don’t waste another moment floundering on your own.

Take advantage of my “It’s Your Life” complete transformational system. We will customize a package to meet your current goals that will grow along with you as your potential is realized and expands.

Are you ready to fulfill your purpose and live an inspired, loving, abundant life?

Don’t waste any more time. The life you dream of is waiting for you!
Start living it now!

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Mary Lou Morris
Life Coach, Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master