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Articles ~ Change - It’s An Inside Job

 Change - It’s An Inside Job

By Mary Lou Morris

 Published by Sybil Magazine

May I ask you some questions? How are things going for you? Are you seeing gains from where you were last year, seeing progress in the goals you set at the new year? Looking back over last year, previous years, have you gotten what you wished for? How much progress have you really made? Are you living your dreams? Are you part way there, yet just can’t seem to get the rest of it?

I am writing this using the word “you” because I am speaking to YOU. It is my desire that you listen with your mind, but mostly with your heart. This is my greatest wish for you: No matter where you think you are in your Life, how successful you may or may not think your Life is, Become all You can Be! That is so much more than you may realize!

Women especially tend to put other obligations first, above our own personal needs. This is not healthy; physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we take care of ourselves, refreshing and revitalizing ourselves, learning about who we are and why, we have so much more to share with our outside commitments.

We find it difficult to allow ourselves what we would gladly allow others, even encourage. It is our habit to, without much thought, not allow ourselves the very things that make the difference in our experience of Life. We miss much of the fun, joy, peace, abundance.....things we so want, yet in actual fact are just not letting ourselves have. We always find an excuse “why not“. We look in all the wrong places - outside ourselves. Yes, there is pleasure and fulfillment in pleasing, doing for others: being an exceptional employee/employer, parent, partner, etc. Yet I want to come back to, when you are full you have even more to give.

Some of the things I have learned:
Your life will not change by re-using the tools that have not been working for you.
It doesn‘t get easier “later on“, when things are different, because things do not change without attention.
Waiting for the “right time” doesn’t work, for that time never comes along.
NOW is the only time.

Reach for your dreams. or perhaps realize what your true dreams are. I have personally seen amazing results when people just decide it’s time! What do you want? What is missing?

Understand yourself. Transform self-sabotaging habits. Live the Life you dream of. You are not alone. Find someone with the experience to understand, compassion to guide, and courage to mirror back to you what you don’t see for yourself. Someone to give you support, and dedicated to your goals as much as you are. Someone to keep you accountable to reach those goals.

What are you waiting for? Do it today. Commit to your dreams. Give yourself the gift of self discovery and growth. I promise that when you do, everything around you will change with you.