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Articles ~ Becoming A Dream Master

Becoming A Dream Master

Published by  Sybil Magazine

As I was contemplating this article, this quote crossed my path. It is from best selling author don Miguel Ruiz of “The Four Agreements”, “The Mastery of Love”, and “The Voice of Knowledge”, to name a few.

“We don't need to escape from life; we don't need to deny our own nature. What we need is complete awareness and self-acceptance. We need to learn to make our own choices and finally control our will from the inside. That is what makes us a dream master. Where we choose to put our attention is what creates the miracle.”

It is an inside job. It is your ability to control your thoughts, habits and actions (or perhaps it would be better said, reactions), where you are putting your attention, that determines your experience of Life. It is the power of your Will that allows you control. What happens is your Will becomes weak as you are growing up with all the outside influences telling you what to do and how things should be. You want to fit in, do the right things to please others. In the process you lose your own power and ability to think and decide for yourself. You give up your power. As your life continues these thoughts, behaviors, and patterns just keep re-inventing themselves over and over. You are not in charge of the creation of your own Life. Remember, every belief you have taken on, conscious or unconscious, whether serving you or not, determines your perspective and experience of Life.

It is the recovery of your Will’s strength where you find the power to make changes in your Life. As Miguel says, you are the Dreamer of your experience. You are creating all the time. When you can use your Will Power to determine where your attention lies you will create a beautiful dream for yourself. You will become a dream master.

Recovering your Will Power takes commitment and courage to stay the course. How badly do you want the Life of your dreams? What is it worth to you? Can you even put a price on it? Like the commercial says, it’s “Priceless”. If you could do it alone, if you could make the changes you seek, you would already be living all your dreams.

You know how you want to feel as you live your Life. If you are not feeling it, get assistance to recover your personal power. Do it now. Live your life on track. Some say the biggest investments in your life are a home and education. I say the biggest investment is YOU. Regain the power to choose what you really want for yourself. Create your own miracles, which by the way are not really miracles at all. They are just events being allowed to manifest by dream masters. Become your own dream master!

Mary Lou Morris