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Articles ~ Change your Perspective, Change your Life

Change your Perspective, Change your Life

Each and everyone of us sees each and everything in our experience from our own unique perspective, or point of view. This perspective comes from our belief system. In other words, our point of view about anything comes from an accumulation of beliefs that we hold to be true. And each and everyone one of us has our own unique set of beliefs, I call this our Book of Law, that is like no one else’s. Even if we belong to the same family, religious organization, country, race, whatever, no two individuals share all the same beliefs nor the way they interpret them into their lives. We all have our own very unique perspectives through which we view our world. You may think of these perspectives as filters we use to interpret the world around us.

Just as we can change filters on a camera, we can choose to change the filters through which we interpret our lives. In order to do this we have to take a look at our beliefs, our Book of Law, to see if our beliefs we hold now are really in alignment with how we want to experience our lives. In most cases we find that many of our beliefs are outdated and in need some serious updating and/or deleting based on our life now, not the old stuff we inherited from the past.

Noted author, Dr. Wayne Dyer, says “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.” How is this possible? How can we change things without externally trying to change/fix them? The truth is, we cannot change things by trying to fix them from the outside, not permanently. How many times have you tried to change someone or something in your life, only to find yourself beating your head against a wall? And how much struggle, strife, and drama was involved? How much energy and time did you waste? How much stress and pain did you suffer?

There is a better way to start living our lives with more ease and peace. Instead of trying to change things around us, change ourselves. That is the only true and lasting way to live the life we really desire. And the way to do this is to change our perspective. And the way to change our perspective is to challenge the ones that are causing us grief and drama. This means to take a look at why we are experiencing certain things the way we are. Look at our beliefs, and then determine which ones are really true and work for us and which don’t. Change our beliefs, we change our perspective. Just like changing the filter on a camera for a different effect, we can change how we look at things for a different effect, result.

This is an inside job. It is an individual experience. Stop trying to change the world around you to suit you and start changing the world inside you to suit you.


Mary Lou Morris

Life Coach, Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master/Teacher