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Articles ~ How Do You See Things?

How Do You See Things?

from Sybil Magazine​

Not feeling in the flow? Still having issues when it comes to certain things? Could things be more to your liking? When you take a step back, what do you see?

Now, pay attention to your perspective. Your perspective about everything in life is determined by how you think - what you believe. If you are not in touch with your beliefs they can take you in many directions you do not wish to go. Many times you will find that you are not even aware of what beliefs are driving you. You may think you know. Your mind may be telling you one thing when in fact there is a small voice telling you something else. That voice can be so quiet that you do not notice it or you may not even be aware that you have that voice sabotaging your efforts. You could be going through life without realizing the power of all the “stuff” you have picked up along the way that is not working in your favor.

It is time for you to pay attention - time to get to really know what is determining your perspective about all things. It is your true, sometimes not so clear, perspective that will determine the outcome. It will determine how you experienceevery event you encounter.

Now back to, “what do you see?”. When you can look at what you see and can be completely okay with what is, this not necessarily meaning you are in favor of it, just being okay and accepting things as they are right now, your power will turn in the direction you have been seeking. For as long as you resist what is and push against things trying to change them, you will never have the energy of creation in your favor.

Change your perspective, change your result.