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Articles ~ It’s About You

It’s About You

It has been a wonderful experience sharing my insights with all of Sibyl’s readers this past year. It is my wish that my words have brought about enhanced life experiences for those who were ready to hear.

So now to summarize the gist of it all I want to start by reminding you that change starts on the inside. You can change where you live, where you work, your career choice, who you are in relationships with, where you like to get away to, your wardrobe, your hair, all of that stuff outside of yourself, yet in the end no matter where you are, who you are with, what you are doing and how you look, if you don’t change what is inside of you that has caused you to experience things you don’t want or like, you will find yourself right back feeling the same way again-----eventually. For no matter where you are, what you are doing, you will never get away from YOU. And since it is you who is creating everything that you experience, whether you want to think differently and blame what is outside of you, it is you, and you are going to have to make inside changes before you see any real, sustainable changes in your outside world.

It takes commitment and courage to stay the course. If you are looking to stay comfortable, you are not ready. Sometimes the going can get a bit rough. You have to take a good look at what your beliefs really are, how they are affecting you now, and how you must change them to affect the changes you desire. That can get uncomfortable. It means releasing all blame, not matter what the source, and complete forgiveness of what was, what is, and yourself. Pay special attention to that I mentioned “yourself”. That is an essential piece to the process. And I mean real forgiveness, not just thinking you have forgiven. If a subject brings about any uncomfortable feelings or emotions, then you have not forgiven, you have not let it go.

Reading books, attending workshops, getting a life coach, are all good intentions, yet if you do not put what you learn into actual practice in your life, you are wasting your time and money. Temporary feel good fixes from a great book, or wonderful workshop, an excellent session, will not bring about lasting change if you do not put what you learn into daily practice. Don Miguel Ruiz says “Practice makes the Master.” You have practiced who you are and how you live and you are a master of it. If you did that, then if you practice and practice new beliefs and habits that are in alignment with the life you really want, you too will become a Master of Transformation.