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For several years, Mary Lou has guided me in a very insightful, direct, yet loving way, to discover my true self. She has been an awesome mentor and friend, as well as an inspiration to me in the way that she lives her life so authentically.
DH, Libby, MT


Thank you again for the wonderful weekend class. I am still seeing insights and my friends are reeping the benefits.  Ennis, MT


 I have known Mary Lou for thirty-five years! From softball to personal growth.....we've been through it all! I appreciate how Mary Lou organizes her classes so that we, as students, do the work (to look introspectively) to make lasting changes in our lives. I have been to other workshops where presenters simply lecture. In Mary Lou's classes you will be actively participating! You will be able to identify what needs a new perspective in your life, and the tools to make that happen! V.R. Bend OR


  "It’s been my pleasure, through many years of learning and friendship, to watch Mary Lou blossom into a masterful spiritual teacher. Her teaching is a treasure, always spiced with wisdom, humor, insight, and fun. Knowing her has deepened and enriched my life, as I know it will yours.”
—Brandt Morgan, Toltec Mentor trained by don Miguel Ruiz 


 Regarding this class:
Even though I have worked on these issues before, I have never before been able to actually believe that it's OK to put my happiness, enjoyment of life, and well-being first. Now I can, and it's wonderful! It's a relief and helps me to feel that I actually have Power over my life.
I have started applying this same process to some fear that I have been experiencing. It is really helping me to look at this issue in a whole different way and to trust and believe more in myself and the unfolding of my life.
Thank you, Mary Lou.
Love you, Deb

Regarding this class:
I have approached some of these issues in the past – but seems that when it got to “messy”- I moved on to other things. The approach of this class has been step-by-step; which has worked well for me. Not so scarey- time to reflect,dig around in the muck. I think each of us knows in our core that we are worthy and special, but we have buried it under a lifetime of EGO/FEAR based imprints. It has been a blessing to have Mary Lou, with her grace, compassion, and insights to help uncover/ release that energy.Thank You, Mary Lou

My word[s] for this year “Let It Be” have been a peaceful mantra for me. I think back over the many issues that have been brought up during this class, and “Let It Be” seems to be a peaceful release, like sweeping off a dirty path, now I Can step out with new prints in the sand, My Prints, I AM the Creator.   J.C., MT


 "My husband, Doug, and I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary Lou Morris for many, many years. She has attended many of our dolphin retreats in Hawaii so we have had the honor of witnessing her spiritual expansion over the years. Mary Lou is radiant with deep wisdom and knowledge about this reality and always shares profound truths for our groups at the perfect timing too. She is "plugged in" to higher awareness and Beings of Light and her presence is illuminating for all who are around her. We love Mary Lou and honor her spiritual path."
Trish Regan, Co-Founder Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii


 Mary Lou has a passion for living and a life steeped in clarity and integrity. With her many tools of vision, discussion, and exploration, she brings the "power of spirit" into activities of daily living that transform drudgery into joy, and mere acceptance into elation. She will happily share these tools with you if you desire to manifest your dreams into reality.


I have worked with Mary Lou for several years as a life coach. I can honestly say that my work with her has changed my life and with her help I have become less reactive and more centered. She is a patient teacher and she lightens our sessions with her playful sense of humor.
Mike, Ohio


 My journey has been rather slow and I keep getting off track. You have inspired me to get my mind going in the right direction again! Thank you!!!    M. Waters Perth Australia


Mary Lou’s dedication, knowledge and experience as a Life Coach and mentor is a gift to anyone willing to step forward to receive it. She is a personal guide to the unlimited energies, abundance and potential we all have available to us……Mary Lou does not give you the answers, yet she does support and guide you to find them for yourself.
My personal gains in self awareness and growth cannot be fully described here!
I know the truth in “ making a difference one person at a time” and will continue in tandem with the opportunities Mary Lou presents.
J. Mahoney  Libby MT

Mary Lou and I met about 12 years ago on a Toltec journey in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Over the years she came to our home in Ohio for several Toltec teaching week ends. On one occassion I hosted Mary Lou’s teaching for local attendees.
I have visited with her in her home where she has hosted Full Moon Ceremonies, drumming and week end gatherings for women. Her interests are varied and many; including Reiki, drumming, meditation and coaching. However her passion is teaching and life coaching for which she is truly gifted.
Mary Lou is both a great student communicator and wonderful teacher.
E. McGonegal

Mary Lou’s approach to a fulfilled life is straightforward, clear and concise. Her book, “Getting Everything You Want” is a wonderful starting point or a pleasant reminder to those already on their spiritual paths.
M. Vernon
Taos, NM

I find Mary Lou’s work to be very inspirational!
S .Frasier 
British Columbia

Thanks for opening doors with inspiration!

Lisa, MT

Thank you for giving me wings so I can discover life and create beautiful dreams! Dreams that come true.

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